Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 where the teachers are Mr Gill and Mr Howard, ably assisted by Miss Hawes.
Already we find ourselves in the Summer Term!  The year is zipping by!  The final frontier...a term full of excitement!  Of course we cannot escape SATs which loom on the horizon at the start of May.  Then all of the transition activities which all the children will thoroughly enjoy and of course the eagerly anticipated Leavers' production -'Paradise City!'
 On top of all that, there's the small matter of work to keep us going!  Our main topic this term is World War 2, which will form a large part of most of our work.  Now of course we will also make our General Election part of the term's focus!
If you have any questions about the topics/events this term please catch either Mr. Gill or Mr. Howard to discuss them.