Welcome to Year 5

Dear parents,
Welcome to Year 5! This page will give you an update on all of the exciting activities that your child will be involved with and also an overview of what they will be learning about each half term.
This half term our Science unit is the 'Earth, Moon and Sun'. The children will be learning about how we get day and night, what causes the seasons, why we get eclipses, different star constellations and producing a mini project on the solar system.
Next half term Year 5 will be investigating forces. They will study opposing forces, friction, gravity, air resistance, water resistance and they will be designing and conducting their own scientific investigation to further their understanding of these areas.
Throughout the whole of this Summer term our History unit will be 'The Mayan Civilisation'. The children will be learning about the geography of the people and where their civilisation was, everyday life, the cities and architecture, technology, writing and farming.
This half term - of course - the talk around year 5 is Bristol, Bristol, Bristol! The children are very excited about their residential and in the week or two prior to this trip we will be doing a lot of preliminary study on Bristol; particularly Isambard, Kingdom, Brunel, The Matthew, S.S. Great Britain and Clifton Suspension Bridge.
The children's ICT unit this term is called 'Let's Change the World - Inventors'. In ICT the children will be guided in creating their own animation. They will firstly be introduced to the concept of creating basic animations by using still images to create a moving scene. Next, the children will film their own animated sequence using props and sets that they have created and will also learn how to edit their final piece in iMovie.
PE is, as usual, on Friday afternoon with Mr Rickard and Mr Bennett so please ensure that your child's PE kits is in school for this day.
Homework is set every Monday morning and is due in by Friday each week. This consists of spellings, times tables and reading as well as English and Maths to consolidate their week's learning.
Please feel free to come and talk to me if you have any questions or concerns. The end of the day is always the best time, as in the mornings I am busy with preparing for the day's lessons. If it easier on your time then please email me on vicks.maynard@st-minver.cornwall.sch.uk
Many thanks for your continued support,
Vicks Maynard (Year 5 class teacher)
and Claire Cooke and Louise Polak (Year 5 teaching assistants)